Five Nights at Freddys’: REMASTERED

Are you brave enough for another horror adventure? Join one now brought to you by Five Nights at Freddys’: REMASTERED – a free-to-download FNAF Horror Fan Gam based on Five Nights at Freddy’s series. Your surviving skill will be challenged again. Your mission here in this fan-made FNAF title is to protect a building at night. You are a security guard that has just been hired by an owner of a scary restaurant, and you will work for five nights. However, the job is no easy as you realize some wicked animatronic robots – the mascots of the restaurant – start moving around the building during your work shift. You have to track them all using the cameras and make sure they will not enter your room. Close your emergency doors in time, turn the lights on as well as use the power wisely. Like other Fnaf games, in Five Nights at Freddys’: REMASTERED, you must get through all nights! Are you ready? Join it now! 

Five Nights at Freddy’s:Remastered

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