Fnaf Shootout Showdown

Light Switch
Game loaded, click here to play the game!
Use the mouse to aim and shoot at animatronics’ head Press down arrow key or key S to reload Tap left arrow key or key A to go to the left room Hit right arrow key or key D to go to the right room

About Fnaf Shootout Showdown

Fnaf Shootout Showdown

Fnaf Shootout Showdown is a fierce shooting game in which you can release your anger at animatronics! This fan-made FNaF game requires you to perform your shooting skills. In the game, there are lots of animatronics gently walking up to you. To survive, you have to hold your gun tight and repeatedly shoot at them accurately. Reload your gun in time, or else you will get destroyed! Make sure you check both of rooms to keep you safe! Play all the game modes and conquer them!


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    hi my name is Kirsten

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    Never would have thunk I would find this so inenbpeisasld.

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