Fnaf: Springtrap Leek Spin

Light Switch
Game loaded, click here to play the game!
Use the mouse to interact with Springtrap in this game

About Fnaf: Springtrap Leek Spin

Fnaf: Springtrap Leek Spin

Fnaf: Springtrap Leek Spin is a funny FNaF game where players will have a chance to interact with Springtrap. This game is blended with a little bit creepy factor if players fail to do the mission. The game objective is to find a possible way to prevent the corruption, also, during the game, players can even hunt for an Ester egg. But it will be better if you prepare strategies and think how to tackle with this animatronics. Otherwise, you will get jumpscared! Alright, start your challenge now and see if you can do it!

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