Five Nights At Youtube Office

Five Nights At Youtube Office

Five Nights at YouTube Office presents to you further horror factors and creepy challenges. Get ready for this scary adventure fan game to explore all. You will take a job and work at the YouTube office at night. This place is filled with YouTubers but they are so weird. They always have sleepwalking and wander around the building, if you stay unaware, they will assault you anytime. Perhaps, they are haunted by something evil, and it’s so unlucky for you to witness all. But you shouldn’t get worried too much since you are equipped with some equipment for your survival. Try to use your empty PewDiePie’s head to scare the animatronics away. Wind up the music box all the time to defeat PewDiePie, and try your hardest to get past all nightmares.

Link commaning soon!

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