FNAF World: Battle Simulator

FNAF World: Battle Simulator Version 1.0.0


FNAF World: Battle Simulator is the Fnaf World and Clash Royale Fan Game. You can download and play it for free.

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Click Battles to Battle and click Cards to see which cards are in the game. FNAF World: Battle Simulator leads you to a fierce combat. During the battle, you can choose the characters box or card. Also, you can click a move to hurt the enemy or heal your members.

In FNAF World: Battle Simulator, you will have to beat all of the opponents to save the Fnaf World. The target that you need to destroy consisting of many scary and strong characters such as Phantoms, Chipper, Bubba, Browboy, Snowman, Scott, and Porker Patchs.  Try your best to use the weapons you have carefully! If not, you can receive the worst result and lose. Are you willing to conquer every challenge and become the winner? Good luck!

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