FNaF World: Civil War

FNaF World: Civil War Versions


The following version will bring you to the Fnaf World along with a lot of surprises.

Version 1.0.1

It’s available to download FNaF World: Civil War Version 1.0.1! Let’s enjoy it and defeat every challenge right!

Link download

Currently, FNaF World: Civil War has been completed. After “bite 87”, Scott Cawthon determines that the animatronics of Fnaf games are not necessary for the future plan anymore.

SpringBonnie understands the ideals of Scott. Thus he follows the guides.

And, FredBear decides to fight against the Scott, and the orders of his creator.

Thus, Scott ordered SpringBonnie killed FredBear. Fredbear tries to find the real culprit of “ 87 bite”.

And it is the reason of this civil war. Which side will you choose, the team FredBear or the team SpringBonnie? Even though whatever you select, you must survive and win. Good luck!

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