FNAF World: Fan edition!

FNAF World: Fan edition! Versions



Are you ready to play and find out the amazing secrets in both version of this Fnaf World game? It’s possible for you to download and explore! Just click the following links to get them and the fantastic game soundtrack.

Version 0.1.6

Link download


FNAF World: Fan edition! is the work of a highly experienced developer that using CLICKTEAM FUSION 2.5 DEVELOPER. Thus, he studied about Fnaf World a lot to launch this edition which including all of your ideas. In which, you will have the chance to meet cute animatronic robots from Five Nights at Freddy’s games. You can leave the comments to improve it. Of course, all of the ideas will not be added to the game if they are not suitable and useful. Also, he will refine and remove every bug.

Thing Progress
Title Screen 100%
Game 47%


Hamloft – Special Skill idea

DigitalDataGJ – Head Designer

Golden.Fox – Character

HaloPig – Character

Supergamepro – Circuts

ClickteamDev – Design and Programming

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