Fnaf world scratch addition

Fnaf world scratch addition version 0.1.0


Download fnaf world scratch addition and play Fnaf world game for free now!

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As soon as you start fnaf world scratch addition game, you can choose the mode that you want to take part in the battle. Then, you can create your party including the Fnaf games’ animatronics that you like most. Each of them will own their unique styles. Next, you can move to the battlefield. At this place, you can launch attacks to beat the enemy. During the combat, you should use and control everything wisely. There are various commands for you. Also, you can use some of them to heal and restore the health for your gang. At all costs, you have to get the higher score and survive when the fight ends. Besides, you can earn a lot of EXP. You can spend some time to win. Keep calm! The victory will belong to you if you have a good plan.

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