FNaF World: Versus

FNaF World: Versus Version 0.1.0


FNaF World: Versus or Fredbear Run (TEASER GAME) by [ECG] Ninjacrafter586Games is about Fnaf World officially released on May 20, 2016. It is a teaser platformer game available for players to download. Click here to see more!

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In FNaF World: Versus, you need to choose your side, select the path you like most, and you can start your adventure. However, it is also the battle in which you can save or destroy the world if you want. Also, defeating the boss is extremely difficult. Thus, you need to aid. And the first thing you do is finding the cave.
You will have the chance to fight with Fredbear and his friends, characters that you have ever seen before in Fnaf games. Aside from that, you can meet the nightmare team which is led by the fear itself. How to beat the enemy and become the winner? It’s up to your ability. Good luck!

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