HOME (A FNAF Fan Game)

HOME (A FNAF Fan Game) Version 1.0.0

HOME (A FNAF Fan Game)

Click the following download link to get Five Nights at Freddy’s game in HOME (A FNAF Fan Game) v.1.0.0! This is the demo consisting of a ReadMe file.

 Link download

These images below will reveal something hidden in the story that you are going to play. The first one shows you a little boy who is lying on the floor. He is crying because he is dying. Maybe, he has been attacked by animatronics. Indeed, HOME (A FNaF Fan Game) is an exciting game revolving around the final hours of this kid. It looks like mini-games that you have ever enjoyed in FNaF games. If you want to learn more, you should start to discover this mysterious challenge from now on. These are the final image of the child and some animatronics.

HOME (A FNAF Fan Game) HOME (A FNAF Fan Game) HOME (A FNAF Fan Game)

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