Super FNaF RPG

Super FNaF RPG Version: 2.0.0 and Standard Version

Super FNaF RPG

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Super FNaF RPG

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This Super FNaF RPG version 2.0.0 is the next version after the first one. You need to conquer all of the challenges, hit Ending 3 and access the World 6 if you’d like to enjoy the game or take part in the content. In this world, you are possible to talk to Fredbear.


Here, in Super FNaF RPG game, you are able to meet many or even most of animatronics from the famous FNaF series. Not only that, you will have the great chance to encounter a scary character. The Puppet Master really returns in this challenge. However, he will not become a friendly robot. Otherwise, he is the cause making the world fracture. Moreover, this Puppet Master strives to gather other members and create a team for him.

Style of Super FNaF RPG game is pretty unique looking like an FNaF fan game. This amazing game let you have the right to control Freddy as he sets off in a brand new land and he continues to discover a big adventure. Once you step into your journey and go deeper into that place with your Freddy and to the Puppet Master himself, you will know that there are a lot of dark secrets being hidden. To can uncover them, you must undergo plenty of troubles. Even, you will not know what will welcome you next. So, you can’t receive any support from everybody except you. And it is the moves you make.


There are many exciting features that Super FNaF RPG game can bring to players. Explore all of them following the information below!

  • The first thing you can accomplish when playing Super FNaF RPG that is looking for the real friends. They will soon be the party members. Thus, you should do this task as fast as possible. Along with them, you can beat the enemy monster easily.
  • Next, every Token that you gain in matches of Super FNaF RPG is very effective to buy and add special attacks. Try to destroy the opponent, win, and earn a lot of money! Then, move to the shop and pick the item that you think it is the best weapon for your team. Aside from that, they can upgrade your abilities.
  • Play Super FNaF RPG game you grab the opportunity to experience an RPG in a different way.
  • You can explore the story of Super FNaF RPG.
  • Because Super FNaF RPG is an infinite game, you’d better keep exploring the world and level up.


Endings are rewarded for these reasons:

  • Destroy the enemy team on Easy Mode
  • Defeat the others on Normal Mode
  • Beat the Secret Worlds

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