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Ultimate Custom Night takes FNAF game to a next level and it’s the latest installment in Five Nights at Freddy’s series published by Scott Cawthon. If you’ve been waiting for a new Scott game to experience further horror challenges, then this new one will suit your desire. You can totally check it out as well as download it for free on Steam and Game Jolt now. Let’s get ready for a new creepy adventure awaiting you ahead!

About Ultimate Custom Night

Ultimate Custom Night

As a new Scott game, Ultimate Custom Night also consists of some terrifying elements and brings players a brand new interesting yet still-very-horror adventure. Different from other chapters in FNAF series, you won’t come up against a small group of animatronics, instead, there are up to 50 selectable animatronic characters added to the game. They are coming from all previous installments. Also, with the level of difficulty from 0 to 20, you can freely set their toughness following your own way. Feel free to mix and match them as much as you want before entering the battle!

In Ultimate Custom Night, you will stay in an office and try to stop the animatronic from entering. There are some spots that straightly lead into your office, such as two side doors, two air hoses, and two vents. Those are places that the animatronics will arrive, so you must check them frequently as well as keep them well protected all the time. You need to keep track of those enemies and make sure they are unable to enter your room, or else you will be jumpscared. There are 16 challenges available for you to undertake. Try to make good use of some tools featured in the game, like a power generator, global music box, heater, A/C, etc so as to vanquish all those challenges.

If you feel that the in-game tools are not powerful enough to repel the animatronics, you can create some dangerous laser traps in the vents. In addition, you should remember to collect some Faz-Coins then spend them on buying new items at the prize counter. When the night comes to an end, the number of points you earn based on the number of animatronics you came across and the level of the toughness that every animatronic had. After conquering some hard levels and having enough points, you can totally unlock lots of anime-themed cutscenes.

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In-game features

  • Up to 16 themed challenges for the players to discover.
  • Experience the wonderful voice acting.
  • Many awesome office skins and cutscenes to unlock

Ultimate Custom Night Challenges      Ultimate Custom Night Office      Ultimate Custom Voice

Patch notes

Scott Cawthon is still putting his efforts into upgrading some new versions of Ultimate Custom Night to GameJolt since some glitches were found. In some initial versions, Springtrap and Mangle had several bugs. Therefore, you should update the game to a new version and make sure you always check if there is any available version to update so you won’t experience glitches during the game.

A low-detail mode is also added to the patch in order to help with FPS. When you’re at the character select screen, you just simply unclick the “Visual effects” button.

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