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Hungry Trash

Hungry Trash

Play Hungry Trash to feed the animatronics with their favorite “food” now! This is an amazing game for the…
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Freddy's Nyan Cat Creator

Freddy’s Nyan Cat Creator

Grab a chance to become a cat creator now! Freddy’s Nyan Cat Creator is so awesome to play! Surely…
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Freddy's Love Calculator

Freddy’s Love Calculator

Freddy also wants to confess his feelings! Let’s join Freddy’s Love Calculator and find out his affections now! Most…
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Freddy's Jumpscare Factory

Freddy’s Jumpscare Factory

Freddy’s Jumpscare Factory is a wonderful game online for those who are loyal fans of FNaF games. Once joining,…
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Freddy Dress Up

Freddy Dress Up

Freddy is ready to try lots of outfits? Are you willing to become his stylist? Then join Freddy Dress…
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Foxy's Love Calculator

Foxy’s Love Calculator

Are you a fan of Foxy? Do you want to know his crush? Check out Foxy’s Love Calculator to…
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FNaF World Free Online

FNaF World Free Online

FNaF World free online is a hilarious fan-made game where you join awesome epic battles between animatronics and wicked…
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FNAF Personality Quiz

FNAF Personality Quiz

Are you an animatronic lover? Play FNaF Personality Quiz to find out which animatronic you can be! With this…
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Five Days At Jumpscare Academy

Five Days At Jumpscare…

Do you love animatronics? It’s time to join Five Days at Jumpscare Academy to experience love quests now! This…
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Torchica - FNAF And Pokemon

Torchica – FNAF And…

Any Chica’s fans out there? Let’s play Torchica – FNaF and Pokemon to experience creepy challenge now! This is…
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