FNAF World SIMULATOR DEMO 2 Version 0.2.0


FNAF World SIMULATOR DEMO 2 Version 0.2.0 was launched on Apr 22, 2016. And now, you can download this Fnaf World game and play it without paying a penny. This version is a Demo. So, you can only access two areas.

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FNAF World SIMULATOR game is a remake. In which, you can use and guide the animatronics coming from the Fnaf games that you want for free. The following board will show you more about the task and the status.

Task Status
Playable Characters 100,0%
Enemy Characters 0,0%
Overworld 0,9%
Minigames 0,0%
Save Files 0,0%
Endings 0,0%
Battle Mechanics 0,0%
Bytes 0,1%
“Second Party” feature 0,0%
Enemy Chips 0,0%
Playable Chips 0,0%
Total 0,4,6%

In this FNAF World game, you have to defeat and destroy the enemy, obeying   Redbear or disobeying Redbear.

  • Aside from that, you can find out Scott Cawthon and fight against Freddy.
  • Also, search for Chipper and fight Freddy.
  • However, you can get Supreme Fredbear together with Crash Kandicoot.
  • And enter a glitched object.
  • Look for the fan
  • Clock the Ending, make the robots conflict Freddy(Idea by LordCanti4)

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